Compact and dynamic neighborhoods with walkable streets and high access to jobs, transit, and a wide variety of businesses are more efficient, affordable, and sustainable.

Location Matters.

CNT’s approach to big challenges — like poverty, climate change, urban sprawl — starts in small places, like city neighborhoods. Making neighborhoods and cities more efficient can make them more affordable, create jobs, and cut harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Location Efficiency Solutions

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CNT’s location efficiency solutions include web-based tools, comparison maps, downloadable data, research reports and other resources that can help communities become more convenient and livable.

Location Efficiency Tools

Our growing suite of web-based tools helps planners, developers and individuals improve the quality of life across America.

Development Strategies

Our work promotes strategies to grow and develop our communities in location-efficient ways, making them more livable, affordable, and sustainable.

Research + Reports

Our research and reports provide robust analysis and highlight location efficiency strategies in communities across the nation. View Library »